Removable braces – how to care for them?

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    Removable braces – how to care for them?

    3 words abouthygieneof removable cameras and what to do with this device.

      1. We store our devices “dry” in a special container, preferably if the box has holes for air ventilation. I also remind you that whenever the camera is not in use, it should be in the box. Please do not put it in a tissue. Because these wipes often end up in the trash along with their contents. Lost camera needs to be remade. This means that if the camera is not in use, keep it in the box with the key to activate the screws, out of reach of small children and pets! Attention, pets love braces and may chew them.
      2. Braces should be removed during meals and teeth cleaning.
      3. We always place removable braces on clean teeth.
      4. The appliance has screws to unscrew it (thanks to this, orthodontic treatment is active). A lot of different “interesting” things can collect on the screws, so it is important to wash the screws and the acrylic plate of the camera thoroughly.
      5. When washing the camera, hold the camera by the acrylic plate, never by the metal elements, i.e. clasps or other additional items. Why? Because metal elements may be deformed if we hold the camera by them while washing it.
      6. The appliance should be cleaned under running water, using a toothbrush (other than for brushing teeth, each time after removing it).
      7. We can wash the braces with soap, we do not use toothpaste to clean the braces. You should also not use for this purpose, among others: solvents, chlorine, alcohol, etc. and do not place the camera in hot water.

    Such a curiosity. I warn parents not to let their children try on their braces to the entire class. This means we do not share our camera with other people. The received orthodontic appliances are intended for the exclusive use of the patient and only he should use them.

    Children are children, they have different ideas. The camera should also not be played with as it is not a toy.

    Before each time you put the brace on, check whether it is cracked or whether any of the wire elements are broken or deformed. In this case, you should immediately consult your doctor.

    The braces placed on the teeth should adhere stably to them and should not move or swing on the teeth. The brace should be worn according to the doctor’s recommendations.

    Attention ! To remove the camera, use your fingers to evenly pry the camera plate using the side buckles. Do not remove the braces by pulling the wire elements on the front teeth. Because these elements can be deformed, which may cause the brace to irritate the place where the metal element of the brace has bent. Then it is necessary to visit the attending physician.

    If the brace does not stay in place after being placed in the mouth or swings on the teeth, it may be that the patient unscrews the brace too quickly and wears it too little. Then the screws in the camera should be twisted, i.e. the screw should be moved in the opposite direction. The number of revolutions depends on when the device is placed stably in the mouth.

    It may also happen that the brace is too loose, then the patient wears it very well and the brace is not unscrewed enough. If your doctor said that you can disassemble the device more often, you should unscrew the screws more often.

    The patient is obliged to attend follow-up visits, which are scheduled individually for each patient, in order to check the proper operation of the device and control the treatment.


    Dr Aleksandra Gabren