Is tongue important?

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Is language important for your child?

  1. Does the function of the tongue affect our teeth?
  2. Does the lack of proper tongue position affect jaw development?
  3. Does all this affect TMD? (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) Do muscles affect teeth?
  4. Can we separate all these things from each other?
  5. Can all these factors be omitted during treatment?

Ready for action: Orthodontist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, allergist, laryngologist

together we can do more.

,, Muscle Wins,, always 😊

The tongue is a muscle and a very important one, in constant motion like the temporomandibular joint.
Both structures are, in my opinion, a bit underestimated, but they have a significant impact on the formation of the facial skeleton and the deformations that may occur later.

The tongue is a set of internal and external muscles within the mouth. A powerful muscle mass, which if we do not release it, we will not achieve normative functions: resting position, swallowing and articulation. That is why the cooperation of the team: orthodontist – physiotherapist – speech therapist is so important.


Patient, age 8.

We want every smile to be not only beautiful but also healthy.

Some of the problems:

  • malocclusion
  • bilateral ssż compression,
  • painful and excessively tense attachment points of the mandible,
  • joint hypermobility
  • infantile type of swallowing
  • established oral type of breathing – breathing during sleep and at rest is oral
  • the tongue in its resting position is between the teeth
  • hypertrophied frenulum of the tongue



Dr. Gabren