Dentistry for children

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Child at the dentist


At ADENTIS, we know how children are afraid of visits to the dentist and that is why we make sure that dental treatment is a positive experience for the child. Cooperation with the child in a friendly atmosphere allows the procedure to be performed quickly, professionally and effectively.

At ADENTIS we place great emphasis on education. During a check-up visit at ADENTIS, parents will not only learn about the health of their child’s teeth, but will also learn how to properly care for their teeth (they will receive information on how to take care of their teeth – which toothpaste and brush is best for their child, how to brush teeth, what diet to follow).

ADENTIS provides dental care for children of all ages. We deal with prevention and treatment of primary and permanent teeth. We also offer orthodontic treatment for children of all ages. During follow-up visits, the attending physician provides professional advice on how to avoid caries and preventively protect your teeth. Primary dentition influences the proper development of the jaw and jaw and the proper positioning of permanent teeth. Because premature removal of primary teeth occurs mainly due to caries. Therefore, healthy primary teeth of our children mean a beautiful and healthy smile in the future.


At ADENTIS We try to detect dental irregularities and malocclusions that a child may acquire as quickly as possible. first years of his life. Due to the possibility of malocclusion, orthodontists recommend not using a pacifier. Thumb sucking, premature removal of primary teeth, mouth breathing due to frequent upper respiratory tract infections or adenoid hypertrophy may also cause abnormal development of the jaws and abnormal eruption of permanent teeth. Malocclusions should be treated from an early age, because some malocclusions can be corrected orthodontically only until the age of 12, and then surgical intervention is also needed.

First of all, you should NOT allow malocclusion to occur; This is what the child’s check-ups at the orthodontist are for. An orthodontist is often the first doctor a child’s parents turn to when concerned about the appearance of their teeth and dental arches. The orthodontist observes the development of the bite and may order or perform activities that ensure proper bite development.

If a defect occurredchildren bite, and the child already has the first permanent teeth in the mouth and is at the appropriate age, the orthodontist starts treatment with a removable brace. It is an individually made appliance for a given child and requires taking “measurements”, i.e. impressions of the teeth. Removable braces are very effective in children, especially in improving the alignment of both dental arches and facial features, provided that they are worn for a minimum of 4 hours during the day and all night (contrary to the popular belief that these are “braces only for the night” “). Follow-up visits with removable braces take place every 6 weeks.

Teeth sealing for children is essential!

“Prevention is better than cure”

caries in fissures


Tooth sealingis a painless procedure and our little patients become convinced that a visit to the dentist can be stress-free and therefore…

It is recommended to seal the fissures 4 months after the tooth erupts. Sealants should be checked every 3-6 months and refilled if necessary. Children have immature permanent teeth, so the most important thing is that the sealant lasts for the first two years until the teeth finally mature.
Healthy teeth without caries are subjected to sealing. In any other case, the sealant will be lost quickly and caries will develop, or a small cavity will form under the surface of the sealant, which is an unfavorable situation and may cause a deep cavity to appear soon. Modern varnishes usually contain fluorine.

lakowanie bruz zalakowanie tooth grooves
Furrows Sealing of grooves

At ADENTIS, we use liquid, transparent fluoride-releasing composites for tooth sealing with increased mechanical strength compared to sealants, which ensures more reliable protection and tightness of such tooth protection. This also guarantees greater control and aesthetics of filling the furrow.

A properly performed tooth sealing treatment guarantees approximately 90-100% elimination of caries on the chewing surfaces.

The conclusion is simple: Let’s seal our children’s teeth!

A special case of sealing fissures is tooth sealing with furrow widening. This occurs in teeth where caries has already begun. The procedure involves gently opening the sulcus, widening and sealing the tooth.