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advantages of porcelain veneers

Composite veneers is most often performed in the following cases:

  • planned change in the shape of teeth,
  • multiple cervical erosions and defects,
  • traumatic incisal edge fractures,
  • unaesthetic fillings on the facial surfaces of front teeth,
  • gaps between teeth
  • tooth alignment correction
  • conical teeth,
  • enamel hypoplasia,
  • discolorations, e.g. after antibiotics, which cannot be removed by bleaching,
  • lengthening and brightening of teeth worn down with age.
  • Thanks to the increasingly modern materials used to make veneers, the list of indications for their use will grow.
planned composite veneer composite veneer made
Discolored tooth Composite veneer


AtAdentiscomposite veneers are made using Hu-Friedy tools so that the shape of the veneers imitates natural teeth. When performing veneers, not only aesthetics are important, but also function. Without restoring the proper function of the teeth, veneers cannot be performed.

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 before veneers  composite veneers
Unsightly filling and discolored teeth Composite veneers

Composite veneers are made of a composite material, they can be made without grinding the teeth because the material sticks to the tooth using adhesion. Unfortunately, composite veneers are not resistant to severe discoloration, so their color may change over time.

composite veneers composite veneers
 Before treatment.  Composite veneers.
composite veneers composite veneers
Before treatment. After treatment.
veneer complete veneer
Numerous fillings in the tooth.  Composite veneer.
Composite veneers last a few years. Veneers should be checked by your dentist every 6 months during follow-up visits. They maintain their aesthetics longer when under the care of a dentist who polishes their surface during a follow-up visit. Over time, the veneer will need to be replaced with a new one.
For veneers to last longer, it is important to maintain oral hygiene. You should also visit your dentist regularly
trauma patient patient after treatment
Patient after tooth injury Three composite veneers and a porcelain crown

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