Porcelain crowns and crown-root inlays

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A Crown is a permanently cemented prosthetic restoration that recreates a damaged tooth. It has the function and shape of the tooth, and also protects it against further damage. Making a crown is only possible if the patient has his own good tooth root. Crowns are: metal, faced with porcelain or composite, or all-ceramic. Modern prosthetics recommends a variety of porcelain crowns, but their quality affects the price.

Porcelain crowns are made of steel, gold (with platinum content) and all-ceramic crowns (without a metal base).

Porcelain crowns are not only the most aesthetic prosthetic restorations – the color can be selected to perfectly reproduce the entire color of your natural teeth, i.e. bright spots, spots, etc., but they are also the most friendly to the oral tissues. The porcelain currently used is the material best accepted by the surrounding tissues. It promotes self-cleaning processes and allows for the best hygiene without causing bacterial plaque to remain.

Crown and root inserts

If the tooth’s own tissue is missing, we strengthen the tooth with a crown-root insert to strengthen the reconstruction under the prosthetic crown. Before prosthetic treatment, the tooth must have a properly filled canal.
Inserts are made:

  • made of metal,
  • made of gold,
  • glass fibers.

Metal inserts cause a very large tissue wound to the tooth, almost the entire tooth crown must be removed.

root insert root and crown insert fiber insert
Metal insert Fiberglass insert

Glass fiber attached to the tooth before grinding. Certain conditions must be met for fiber inserts. If possible, fiber posts are better because they allow you to preserve more of the tooth’s own tissue.

fiber insert

protetyk warsaw



glass fiber inserts bridge on fiberglass inserts
Fiberglass inserts Bridge on fiberglass inserts