Onlay, Inlay, Overlay, Endocrowns

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Onlays are an alternative to crowns and inlays.

They enable tooth reconstruction while leaving the maximum amount of tooth tissue – without grinding.

If there is too little hard tissue left after root canal treatment, it is necessary to strengthen the tooth.

The most recommended method is to rebuild the tooth covering the upper surface of the tooth, i.e. the chewing surface. This will protect the tooth against possible breakage.

The number of root canal treated teeth with cusps that survived in the mouth and did not break is six times greater than those that did not have chewing cusps. i.e. upper ones. Therefore, leaving the tooth without covering the cusp should be carefully considered.
This applies especially to upper premolars, where the size of the tooth crown causes thin tooth walls to remain susceptible to fracture after root canal treatment.



nakład karol

  •   A tooth with a wall thickness greater than 2 mm may be considered and left without covering the occlusal surface, i.e. the upper one. We consider it individually.
  •   However, a tooth with a wall thickness less than 2 mm  may be at risk of fracture in the future. Reconstruction with cusp coverage should be performed.


tooth fracture tooth fracture amalgamat
Tooth wall less than 2mm. Measurement with a special tool  Broken tooth wall

połamany ząb

Tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment with extensive loss of hard tissue should be completed with a precise reconstruction. If it is possible, at a cost.

porcelain edition implant
 Porcelain edition fitting.  Porcelain edition.

Ready-made overlays (inlay, onlay) are strengthened in the defects with cement or special adhesive materials.
This is possible thanks to the latest technology, thanks to the action of adhesion forces, i.e. gluing the overlay to the tooth.

Outlays (inley, onlay) enable

  • precise reconstruction of the chewing surface of the tooth,
  • full involvement of the tooth in the process of chewing food,
  • perfect reproduction of contact points
  • and maintaining proper hygiene.
circulation circulation
 Plaster model.  Porcelain overlay on a plaster model

After root canal treatment of side teeth, reconstruction with a composite filling is sometimes impossible because the loss of tooth tissue is too great. Then the best way to preserve the tooth after root canal treatment is prosthetic reconstruction with ceramic overlay. This applies especially to molars and premolars, which are involved in the chewing process, which causes high forces acting on the tooth. If the tooth has little natural tissue, it may cause stress and breakage of the tooth wall. Correct tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment guarantees success in root canal treatment.