Headache and spine pain, jaw clenching

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Maciej Iwanowski, M.A., rehabilitation specialist

“Headaches, jaw clenching, tooth grinding, spine pain. Effective therapy.

Symptoms. Origin of the ailment.Treatment.

Many patients complain of headaches and spine pain.


•    headache radiating from the temporomandibular joint area towards the ear and temporal bone,
•    pain around the base of the skull,
•    teeth grinding, teeth clenching, tooth grinding,
•    asymmetric jaw movements,
•    tense, slightly raised and forward arms,
•    pain in the area between the shoulder blades,
•    head forward,
•    pain in the lumbar-sacral area.

back pain

Origin of the ailment:
•    malocclusion, tension of the muscles controlling the operation of the jaw, stress,
•    change in the mechanics of the masticatory apparatus as a result of the use of an orthodontic appliance,
•    long-term treatment related to keeping the mouth open,
•    improper sitting position maintained for a long time, for example office work at a computer, which causes poor posture and, consequently, changes in overload.



•    orthodontic treatment – orthopedic appliances and braces,
•    exercises that reduce and normalize the tension of the muscles that control the functioning of the jaw,
•    learning self-relaxation, self-therapy,
•    directional mobilization of the temporomandibular joints, spine joints, shoulder and pelvic girdle,

head position


Does head position affect our lives? Find out how an incorrect head position changes your life for the worse.

The body is one system. Temporomandibular joint problems should not be considered as a separate disease entity, the body should be looked at as a whole. Malocclusion, curvature of the spine and crooked skull will cause lesions and pain in the temporomandibular joints, headaches, and tinnitus.