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TMD ACADEMY – TMD Curriculum

We are born with talent, and if not, we acquire skills through learning

I invite you to educate us together


  • 4 meetings over 2 days – 64 hours of intensive lectures.
  • Practical armchair classes and practical use of a cephalostat.
  • WE HAVE IT – Stern Weber Polska will lend us the highest quality equipment.
  • There has never been a course like this before.
  • Please reserve your dates.
  • The number of places is limited – 15 people in a group.


Package of 4 courses:


The course is aimed atdentists – prosthodontists – orthodontistswho want to improve their skills in comprehensive and team treatment of patients.


How to conduct treatment in cooperation with specialists in a patient with multiple functional and dental deficits at various levels. Safe for us doctors. Safe for the patient’s health. Respecting function and selecting aesthetics tailored to the patient.

A healthy and beautiful smile.

TMDdiagnosis is complex and ambiguous and associated with many structures. Keep this in mind before making a diagnosis.

Comprehensive diagnostics for the patient and an individual approach is the right decision. After refining my own method, simple and repeatable, based on my own over 20 years of experience and the philosophy of other great lecturers and doctors, I believe that the combination of orthodontic and prosthetic knowledge gave me the opportunity to look at the patient from a different perspective.

TMD ACADEMY is training that will help you select the appropriate treatment plan for a given patient.

TMD ACDEMY are training courses related to each other. Unfortunately, after one course you cannot become a prosthodontist or orthodontist, so in order to understand TMD, we have prepared a series of courses for you. I encourage you to use our educational panel.

The next stage is ORTO ACADEMY. In order to conduct functional orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to understand the anatomy of the structures and the biomechanics of the relationships between structures within the stomatognathic system.

Treatment needs to be felt. Treatment must be understood.


I have one goal – CORRECT FUNCTION and aesthetics matched to it.

The philosophy of my treatment is expanded to include TMJ prevention and TMD treatment.

Which treatment to choose, in which CR position, if this definition has already changed 34 times in 100 years. The idea of my treatment is aimed at the optimal, physiological, non-compression position of the jaw in the TMJ. Our treatment will verify time, patients and environmental factors that lead to current dysfunctions.

I invite EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED to join a common space free from STEREOTYPES.

The foundation of treatment is the anatomy, function and biomechanics of our body. This is what I based my treatment technique on. The TMD ACADEMY philosophy has been the same for years

Learning is not over, you have to learn and collaborate. There is no one truth, no one way, no one philosophy, no one vision.


As I say during my TMD ACADEMY training – it is worth looking at the patient from the perspective of another specialist.

A comprehensive approach to treatment is MY GOAL.

SUCCESS is collaboration.

Course completion

  1. The condition for completing each training and receiving a certificate for a given TMD ACADEMY module along with the educational points gained is completing the course and is:
    1. Attendance at all course sessions, confirmed by your own signature on the attendance lists;
    2. Payment of the entire price for the course, indicated in §4 point 1 of this agreement.
    3. Passing a verification test after each training. (The participant is not able to make up the course session from which he was absent);
  2. Each training ends with a verification test. After passing the verification test, the participant will receive a certificate. Obtaining min. 60% of the points from the written final test entitle you to receive a certificate.
  3. The condition for obtaining the TMD ACADEMY certificate is:
    1. attendance at each training module and passing the final test
    2. during the Course, preparation of complete documentation and diagnosis for a minimum of 2 cases according to the TMD ACADEMY protocol by Dr. Gabren and their oral presentation (one patient treated with an occlusal splint, the other patient preparing the patient for occlusion reconstruction according to the TMD ACADEMY protocol by Dr. Gabren).
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  4. TMD ACADEMY entitles you to continue training according to the TMD ACADEMY program at subsequent levels organized by TMD ACADEMY or under its patronage.