This is such a malocclusion that the lower teeth are not visible. Correctly, the upper teeth should cover the lower teeth by 1/3 of their height.

Patient – deep bite, TMD (sound symptoms, jaw positioned backward), significant asymmetry in the jaw.

Reconstruction of the occlusion in the lower arch – correction by composer without tooth grinding.

After 2 months of treatment with orthodontic braces in the upper arch – the patient’s smile (correction of the tooth shape with a composite, also without grinding)

The patient’s smile is priceless…

How not to fall in love with orthodontic braces?

The patient’s smile is priceless.

Abraded teeth, temporomandibular joint with symptoms of dysfunction, tooth aesthetics disturbed, jitters in the lower arch – the cause of this is malocclusion.

Opening the bite and correcting it with orthodontic braces will restore proper function. The aesthetics of your teeth will be restored after orthodontic treatment.

aparat orthodontic



Change in the position of the mandible to the maxilla, without symptoms from the temporomandibular joint

Thank you for your perseverance and the opportunity to work with such grateful patients…


Closed bite, porcelain veneers for the upper incisors.

leczenie orthodontic

Deepened mental-labial fold.

This defect can be corrected orthodontically. The facial profile improves.

tele x-ray


Deep bite – lower teeth are not visible.

deep bite