Orthodontics in children

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Early diagnosis and initiation of orthodontic treatment in children as young as 5-6 years old will help you avoid long and burdensome orthodontic treatment for your child in the future. We invite you to our office for a consultation

Adentis – Aleksandra Gabren

We provide interdisciplinary treatment – joint work of three professionals:

  • orthodontist,
  • physiotherapist,
  • speech therapist.


Such an overbite can DISFORM the child’s face forever!

ABSOLUTELY consult your toddler with an orthodontist today.

This is another example of necessary orthodontic intervention in a 4-year-old! or even sooner!


6 locks can change your child’s life FOREVER.

Improper alignment of teeth, especially the upper front teeth, may prevent your child from smiling at school. Children are very restrictive towards their peers. If you do not meet aesthetic standards, you may be isolated from the group. The second reason to undergo orthodontic treatment. Teeth positioned this way are exposed to injuries to a much greater extent than properly positioned teeth. Another reason not to delay treatment is that the sooner we start treatment, the greater our chance of changing the entire growth of your little one’s facial skeleton, not just straightening the teeth! And of course, prevention and early intervention is always better and cheaper than the best treatment later in life! I invite you for a consultation! There are no miracle devices and no one way of treatment.

We select treatment individually to the patient’s needs! I don’t sell cameras! Patients pay me for the treatment process! There are many very important functions in the oral cavity that we are not even aware of.

Such as: breathing, swallowing, speaking, eating.

Language is involved in all these activities! We treat crooked teeth, but crooked teeth are only a symptom of the problem.

Consultation is an important element of the treatment plan. Language is the area of activity of a speech therapist, which is why cooperation between specialists is so important.



Precise analysis of X-rays, general examination of the patient and determination of the position of the maxilla to the mandible are essential to decide on the treatment of body posture and malocclusion.













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Each age has its own rights and privileges. Every day we help our patients to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Let’s not leave the decision to start orthodontic treatment for tomorrow, the earlier we start the treatment, the better it will be for your child. Our little patients are cared for by three specialists:

  • orthodontist,
  • physiotherapist
  • and a speech therapist.

Strength in the team.

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