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How not to fall in love with orthodontic treatment?








I TRUST YOU – said the patient.

That’s why I love my job.

A patient came and said please do what the doctor thinks to improve my smile.

I do not straighten teeth or sell orthodontic braces!

We are giving you back the ability to kiss, smile or simply eat delicious things!

I restore the shine to your smile #kawazgabren I love my job.

A good treatment plan is essential.

PROSTHETICS does not have such possibilities. ORTHODONTICS is a possibility

EVALUATE FOR YOURSELF whether orthodontic treatment is worth it.

Every day a new coffee and a new orthodontic makeover. I have enormous experience, knowledge, imagination and a bit of magic to offer you. The effects of treatment are a magic trick.

This is how a beautiful and healthy smile is created at Adentis. See you.

Trust us.