Fiberglass bridges

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In modern dentistry, the trend of aesthetic, minimally invasive treatment has been visible for years, in which glass fibers are increasingly used.

Nowadays, glass fibers are used in virtually every field of dentistry. Glass fibers can be used to: strengthen tooth hard tissue structures in case of extensive damage, strengthen and rebuild tooth tissues after endodontic treatment. Glass fibers are also used to strengthen and repair removable plate dentures and removable orthodontic appliances, make retention appliances after orthodontic treatment, repair and make permanent prosthetic restorations, strengthen temporary restorations, make permanent direct restorations in various clinical situations, splint teeth loose after injuries or periodontal diseases. The use of glass fibers is possible thanks to their unique features such as aesthetics (white or transparent), durability and resistance to damage, adaptability due to their universality, flexibility, comfort of work for the doctor and comfort of use for the patient.
Glass fibers enable doctors to use minimally invasive dentistry, in which special care is taken to keep healthy tooth tissue intact or only minimally disturbed for as long as possible and dental procedures are used that are reversible. em>


To replace missing teeth in classic prosthetics, the doctor must grind two adjacent teeth. Often, as a result of this preparation, the teeth die and need root canal treatment with crowns. Therefore, to avoid tooth grinding, we make a fiberglass bridge. This is especially important in young people without permanent teeth.

Glass fiber bridges are an alternative to implants. Glass fiber bridges can also be made immediately after tooth extraction, as a temporary restoration. The added tooth is glued to the teeth bordering the gap using glass fibers and is built up with a composite material.
Bridges on fiberglass, without grinding, are a modern alternative to traditional bridges and implants. From the patient’s point of view, it is also very important that a fiberglass bridge can be made in one visit, and the cost of such work is much lower than other alternative solutions.

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The patient has no permanent tooth buds Tooth reconstruction on fiberglass to supplement the gaps.


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The missing premolar can be replaced with a fiberglass composite bridge. Thanks to this solution, the teeth do not require grinding, only minor preparation.

bridge on fiber bridge on fiber
Fiber bridge on the model. View of the fiber bridge.


Upper unit added.

bridge on fiber one bridge on fiber one
bridge on fiber bridge on fiber