Surgery with implantology

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Surgery with implantology

We work with the best – Dr. Gabren and Dr. Tarnawski

Dr. Valery Tarnawski is an expert and world leader in the field of biological bone augmentation (bone reconstruction, bone regeneration), author and inventor of the ABA -Tarnawski (Allogenic Bone Augmentation) technique. Nearly a decade of experience using this technique has led doctors from all over Poland, and even other countries, to come and train with Dr. Tarnawski in bone reconstruction.

The ABA- Tarnawski technique is based on biological regeneration using the potential of human bone tissue. It is the best regenerativematerial in theworld. With this technique, we obtain 100% living bone. Histopathological studies have confirmed the effectiveness of ABA TARNAWSKI techniques. Tissue bank material is also widely used in trauma orthopedics and other bone reconstructions. This procedure is performed to restore the alveolar process in the maxilla and mandible prior to implant insertion. By creating living bone, we achieve 100% secondary osteointegration over the entire implant surface. It gives us the possibility of a prosthetic restoration permanently installed in the mouth. The effects of this treatment are stable and long-term.

Author’s ABA TARNAWSKI technique – vertical and horizontal bone augmentation. Technology full of possibilities. Often the patient’s last resort. When other techniques fail – ABA TARNAWSKI works perfectly, including in extremely difficult cases. If the bone atrophy is minor, we perform it in one visit along with implantation

What are implants?

Implants are the most comfortable and natural permanent replacement for missing teeth.Implantsare an excellent solution for the loss of a single tooth and for larger missing teeth or complete toothlessness.



It is aprosthetic restoration that does not require grinding the adjacent teeth. Implanty are cosmetic and functional restorations of missing teeth. Their use is convenient because the patient feels as if they were his own teeth. With this treatment, the dental arches regain their natural shape and the face looks younger, so patients enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. Modern technology for replacing missing teeth that restores not only chewing function, but also aesthetics and living comfort. An implant is a titanium piece that fulfills the role of a tooth root. Implant placement is preceded by comprehensive diagnostics, i.e. precise analysis of bone (anatomical) conditions.

, “Good diagnosis is the foundation of good treatment.”,

, “Bene dignoscitur, bene curatur.”,

We provide our patients with a complete sense of security and diligence for the success of each procedure.


What does implantation consist of?

The alveolar bone atrophies when a patient loses a tooth or teeth. Bone atrophy after tooth loss is a physiological process.

Adentis is approached by many patients with bone atrophy who would like to get implants, but unfortunately, the lack of sufficient bone makes it impossible to place an implant. Then a bone reconstruction (regeneration, argumentation) procedure is necessary.

A properly placed implant means stable treatment results for years. Therefore, it is necessary to perform augmentation of the jawbone or mandible, in which Dr. Valery Tarnawski is a world leader. Thanks to our experience in bone reconstruction, we are able to insert implants even with very extensive bone deficiencies.

What is bone reconstruction with the ABA-Tarnawski technique?

, “To understand what bone augmentation is all about, let’s look at the stages of treatment. ,,

Dr. Valery Tarnawski

At the implant consultation, after a CT scan and a specialized examination, the doctor comprehensively assesses the patient’s oral condition and adjusts the best method for the case.

Adentis has A modern type of imaging, which is 3D tomography. This allows the doctor to see the condition of the jawbone in order to take detailed and precise measurements of it. Only after a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning can the procedure proceed.

Adentis specializes in performing bone augmentation of any segment of the jaw and mandible. Patients come to Us from all over the country on the recommendation of other specialists.

Dr. Tarnawski is a leader in bone reconstruction, even in very difficult and complicated cases. His technique allows ABA TARNAWSKI, provides opportunities for prosthetic rehabilitation in patients who have already lost hope of having a healthy and beautiful smile.

Advantages of the ABA- TARNAWSKI technique

  • we obtain living (own) bone without ” dead fragments”,
  • we can accurately reproduce the bone envelope,
  • We achieve 100% osteointegration of the bone with the implant,
  • We rebuild cortical and spongy bone.


The key material in the ABA-Tarnawski technique is bone tissue from the Tissue Bank. Various fractions are prepared from this material, which we combine with growth factors obtained from the patient’s blood.

Human bone from the Tissue Bank is a biocompatible material, the same as the patient’s bone, and therefore the best for the human body. Preparation of the material for bone regeneration excludes all risks. With this technique, we are able to rebuild spongy bone, as well as cortical bone, which protects the new bone from resorption (bone atrophy). The inserted bone tissue undergoes complete remodeling AND is completely replaced by the patient’s own bone. With the ABA – TARNAWSKI technique, we create the patient’s own full-grown bone rather than bone substitute substances. The effects of such treatment are stable long-term.

If the patient presents with minor bone loss, we are able to perform bone regeneration and implant insertion in a single visit. In cases of large alveolar atrophy, augmentation is performed at a separate visit. Implant placement takes place after full regeneration of the transplanted bone.

Does bone augmentation hurt?

Fear of pain is natural, especially when patients first encounter this type of procedure. Many are looking to us for answers on whether bone augmentation hurts.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

After the procedure, the patient may experience some kind of discomfort, such as swelling. We work as physicians on a living organism, each patient reacts differently, so every care is taken to minimize the reaction of the patient’s tissues to the procedure.

After the procedure, the doctor passes on all post-operative indications, so that the operated area heals quickly.

Thanks to our experience and our improvement of qualifications at training courses at home and abroad, we are able to offer professional implant treatment to every patient.

Bone reconstruction whether it’s a three-walled bone defect or vertical bone defects and regeneration of the entire jaw is a daily job for us. We do everything to fulfill the patient’s dreams and health expectations of a beautiful smile.

The entire process is safe and carried out using modern medical equipment.



Discover the possibilities of modern dentistry with ABA TARNAWSKI Technique – incredible results and implantology without compromise. Thanks to modern techniques and a deep understanding of bone biology, we are able to create 100% living bone, even when it seems impossible.

Come and see how we can take care of your smile at Adentis – because, after all, you deserve the best!


Dr. Valery Tarnawski

Dr. Alexandra Gabren


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