They are fully developed teeth that are “stuck” in the bone tissue of the upper or lower jaw. Impacted teeth prevent the proper functioning of the oral cavity and may cause incorrect bite and distortion of other teeth, disrupting the entire stomatognathic system.

impacted tooth

zazywany kiel

kiel zatężny

tooth detained

zatężny premolar


Missing tooth bud + impacted tooth

Some patients we will always remember



Before you decide to close the space due to the lack of a tooth bud. Consider! Missing permanent tooth bud 22.

The patient complained of: – missing tooth bud 22, – impacted tooth 23, – teeth clenching,

– deep bite

– upper incisors tilted, – diastema between incisors, – midline asymmetry, – tilted occlusal plane, – TMD – (craniosacral dysfunction), incorrect occlusion and articulation, deviating mandibular path , temporomandibular joint (temporomandibular joint) in compression, asymmetrically positioned heads of the mandible, sound symptoms of TMJ – right and left side. Orthodontic treatment Tooth exposure 23-22/01/2018. Tooth extraction 23- 16/07/2018. No pain in the ssż, no compression in the ssż, no sound symptoms. The midline is normal. effect: HOLLYWOOD SMILE

I wish everyone such a cheerful patient. I wish all of us such cooperation with the patient. < img class="alignnone wp-image-2766" src="ężany-zab-12-250x132.jpg" alt="" width="364 " height="192">