Periodontology – treatment of the gums

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Gum treatment


IF YOU are suffering from bleeding gums or loosened teeth you should take treatment.

Periodontal disease (known as parodontosis) is the second cause of tooth loss after tooth decay. Parodontitis causes the destruction of the apparatus that holds the tooth to the bone, leading to the loss of often healthy teeth. Parodontosis often goes unnoticed for a long time, and treatment of advanced stages of periodontal disease is complicated and lengthy. Therefore, it is very important to prevent and get treatment as early as possible. One of the important causes of parodontosis is improper oral hygiene. If not removed, plaque becomes thicker and thicker and after a few days turns into hard tartar that cannot be removed with a toothbrush.

In advanced parodontosis, additional surgical procedures are necessary:

  • Closed or open curettage,
  • Guided bone regeneration with bone-forming materials,
  • Connective tissue grafts taken from a patient with gingival plasticity.

Gum recession (exposure of the necks and roots of teeth) is not only an aesthetic problem it can even lead to tooth loss. Covering a gingival recession with a graft made from the patient’s own tissue from the palate is carried out under local anesthesia. The procedure is performed in full sterility.

Periodontics after periodontal surgery 2 months Periodontology gingival recession exposed tooth roots
Gum recession, exposed tooth roots. After periodontal surgery – 2 months.

Dislodgement , leaning of teeth from overloading caused by malocclusion.


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