Is it worth investing in a sonic-ultrasonic toothbrush?

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    Is it worth investing in a sonic – ultrasonic toothbrush?

    …The most expensive prevention is the cheapest treatment…

    What are ultrasonic toothbrushes (sonic) and how do they work?

    Sonic (ultrasonic) toothbrushes have appeared on the market and are worthy competition for electric brushes. Their operation is based on a sound wave that causes the toothbrush to vibrate. It combines brushing with a sweeping motion.

    The use of this modern sound technology in the toothbrush results in reducing the amount of bacterial plaque, tartar and plaque. Thanks to the dynamic flow of liquid in the interdental spaces, it causes the cavitation effect – destroys bacteria. Destroyed bacteria are removed (by the dynamic flow of liquid), leaving a clean interdental space.

    They have a reputation for cleaning teeth better than traditional toothbrushes, why?

    Sonic brushes work on the principle of vibration, thanks to which the sound wave created cleans the teeth of impurities more effectively and faster. First of all, we want to thoroughly clean our teeth from food remains and bacterial plaque in order to have a beautiful and healthy smile. The second main advantage is reduced tooth brushing time. In today’s world, when there is not enough time for everything, a sonic brush shortens the activities related to proper oral hygiene.

    Who would you recommend such toothbrushes to?

    I recommend a sonic toothbrush to anyone who would like to have beautiful teeth. This is a very good investment in health. Additionally, I encourage patients suffering from problems – periodontal disease, after implantation procedures or prosthetic treatment – to purchase a sonic brush to increase the effectiveness of tooth brushing.

    What should you consider when choosing a sonic toothbrush?

    The answer is: always with quality, because health is priceless, and teeth are not given to us as a gift for life.

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    Dr Aleksandra Gabren