Malocclusion and posture defects

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    Straight back – straight teeth


    Recent research has proven that there is a close relationship between malocclusion and posture defects. bad posture  back pain

     head position

    How heavy can our head become when we have incorrect posture?

    The human head weighs on average about 5 kilograms. The human brain itself weighs about 1.3-1.4 kg. The skull of an adult human, without the lower part – the lower jaw, weighs about one kilogram. The lower jaw itself weighs approximately 0.3–0.5 kg.

    Load on the spine due to incorrect posture.

    pain in the spine



    Asymmetries in the skull cause skull deformations, spine problems, headaches and more.

    oryodontic appliance x-ray skull

    staw mandibular

    rtg PA skull

    Malocclusion or pain in the temporomandibular joints should not be considered as a separate disease entity. You need to look at the human body as a whole. Curvature of the spine and asymmetry of the skull affect malocclusion and vice versa, malocclusion deforms, destroys the temporomandibular joints and may even lead to poor posture.

    spine pain


    The curvatures of the spine develop into the correct shape with age, but unfortunately they are not given to us for life.

    curvatures of the spine


    Orthodontic treatment is about the correct posture of your child. feet!

    are an important element of proper posture

    Make sure your little one has well-fitting shoes.
    Flat-valgus feet cause the entire body posture to be unstable.
    We invite children from 4-5 years of age to a physiotherapeutic and orthodontic consultation.
    They usually occur in children with hypermobile joints (hypertrophied knees, elbows, etc.). If shoe inserts are not used to correct the deformation of the feet, the imbalance of the entire posture will progress and may lead to abnormal development of the body, including the jaw.
    The child should perform exercises in which he or she presses the head and metatarsal bones to the ground – otherwise the changes shown in the drawing will occur. Setting the knee joints in a valgus position has a decisive impact on incorrect, asymmetrical positioning of the pelvis. Since the spine is positioned on the pelvis, if it is uneven, the spine rotates and we have potential scoliosis.
    The head on an “uneven” spine is always moved forward, the lower jaw retracts and the jaw clenches.
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    Dr Aleksandra Gabren