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    Dental rehabilitation.

    Maciej Iwanowski, MA in rehabilitation, deals with the therapy of temporomandibular joints (TMJ), anti-clamp therapy of the jaws, and posture defects in children and adults. Together with Dr. Gabren, they have been cooperating for many years, treating patients with pain and sound symptoms in the jaw, as well as with the problem of jaw clenching and trismus.

    Therapeutic treatments are aimed at muscle reconstruction and updating the position of the temporomandibular joints.



    Human evolution and growth are related topics. Everything is connected to everything in the human body! Therefore, abnormalities in a child’s mouth are harmful to the proper development of the body! However, we can MINIMIZE the consequences of these disorders TOGETHER! Cooperation between the patient (child), parent and doctor is a very important element of therapy.

    NEW and OLD HORIZONS in the treatment of children. Together with a physiotherapist at Adentis, we admit children with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, always associated with tongue dysfunction and incorrect posture. Destabilization of the entire system causes irreversible consequences in children.

    We have been taking care of such children for years, trying to help them. A lot depends on the cooperation of the child and the parent.

    We treat such children together: orthodontist – physiotherapist – speech therapist. We have our own developed technique.

    We invite children from the age of 5 for consultations

    We encourage you to cooperate to make the treatment effects better‼ ️

    What is pediatric dental rehabilitation?

    It is the restoration of proper function so that your child can develop properly. We can always straighten teeth, but we can only control the growth of the facial skeleton and improve the growth pattern during the child’s growth period.

    What is functional orthodontics?

    Teeth are crooked because something is crooked in them! Restoring proper function is a stable treatment effect and your child’s health. Functional orthodontics is the modeling of a child’s face.

    Is your child:

    • breathes through mouth
    • grits her teeth
    • grinds teeth
    • has a headache
    • has incorrect body posture, slouches
    • eats with mouth open
    • has knee valgus
    • has flat-valgus feet
    • has incorrect tongue position

    If you want the treatment effect to be stable – it is worth restoring proper function.

    You are the one who can influence the proper development of your baby. Mouth breathing is a dysfunction that can disfigure a small child’s face. A baby’s jaw clenching can also distort the baby’s face.

    Don’t wait, react!

    We all swallow saliva, liquids, and solid food every day. Nobody wonders whether they swallow properly until they go to, for example, a speech therapist or an orthodontist. And although the reasons for the visit are completely different, it turns out that incorrect swallowing is an obstacle to other activities.

    Swallowing with incorrect tongue positioning, after 3-4 years of age, may involve holding the tongue:

    • between the lips, between the teeth,
    • on compact teeth,
    • on the incisors of the upper teeth,
    • with the tip and ridge on the floor of the mouth,
    • with the tip raised to the hard palate and the back lying on the floor of the mouth.

    Is it possible to learn proper swallowing after the age of 3-4? with a wide tongue raised to the palate? Of course it is, regardless of age. It is best to go to a speech therapist’s office to quickly change the incorrect habit under the supervision of a specialist.

    Dr Aleksandra Gabren

    Maciej Iwanowski, M.A. in rehabilitation