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    The body cannot be divided into sections.

    Health cannot be divided into sectors.

    You should establish an action strategy that will take into account all factors that influence the child’s development!

    Don’t let go!

    There is always an exception to every rule!

    Modification of GOPex exercises

    Lips together! Teeth remain decongested!

    When your toddler clenches or grinds his teeth – he SHOULD NOT PRESSURE THEIR TEETH DURING EXERCISES!

    Nothing good has ever come from clenching your teeth, and a lot of bad can come from it!

    GOPex exercises are great! Thanks to them, you can ensure the proper development of your child! Correct breathing, calm. It also affects the proper emotional development of the baby. The children are in a hurry because we are in a hurry.

    Let your child exercise calmly, play calmly, walk calmly! How to exercise so that your baby develops properly:

    1. Body posture is very important.

    2. That’s why we sit up straight. Pay attention to the position of your head, shoulders and straight back.

    3. Hands on thighs.

    4. Legs at the knees and to the body at a 90-degree angle.

    5. And we count, we breathe in the correct body position.

    Remember – do the exercises calmly. 3x 3 minutes can change so much in your little one’s life and development!

    Good habits are a powerful tool, use them.

    The epidemic of malocclusion and posture problems does not sound nice, so take care of your child YOURSELF!

    I provide you with a personal trainer: a physiotherapist and a speech therapist. We can give you guidance and support you, but we cannot do it for you!


    MOM, DAD, the proper development of your child is in your hands!

    Crooked teeth are not only a problem for the orthodontist. Children need to move. However, none of us likes the word “must”. That’s why it’s worth coming up with physical activities for our little ones to do every day! Don’t let go! We start playing with putting on and taking off socks. Balance and equilibrium for the body! GOWIN! Use this simple activity to build and maintain proper muscle function. Orthodontic treatment will be able to proceed more efficiently. And your little one has support and a chance for the proper development of the whole person. BIG APPLAUSE FOR THE GIRL. RESPECT for PARENTS. Ps. Try it YOURSELF – it’s not that easy. Start with small things and your child will change. I also encourage parents to support their children. We all put our socks on like this.