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    Malocclusion may cause excessive tooth wear and increase the likelihood of gum disease and bone loss, which, if left untreated, may lead to periodontal disease. It may also be the cause of unconscious grinding and clenching of teeth, a source of pathology in the temporomandibular joints, and even pain related to the spine, severe headaches, facial pain, and even hearing and vision problems.

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    Muscle balance is the basis for curing malocclusion and stability of treatment results.

     craniofacial muscles tongue as a support for teeth
    Craniofacial muscles.  The tongue as a support for the teeth.


    Features of a perfect smile.

     A narrow jaw causes black triangles when smiling

<td srcset=After orthodontic treatment - full smile
    A narrow jaw causes black triangles when smiling.  After orthodontic treatment – full smile.


    Pathologies caused by incorrect bite.

    Crossbite – reverse overlap of teeth.

    Zrzuty cross-reverse tooth overlap


    Improper bite may lead to teeth being pulled out of the bone – Godon’s sign.

    Godona symptom

    Improper bite may lead to gum recession.


     Short-circuit overloads-recessions.  Gum recession gets worse with age.
    Short-circuit overloads – recessions.   Gum recessionands get worse with age.



    Untreated, with age, the disease causes increasing destruction of teeth, soft and hard tissues.


    Multi-year short-circuit overloads
    Multi-year short-circuit overloads.


    Improper bite may lead to pathological tooth wear.


    pathological tooth wear pathological start teeth


    Dr Aleksandra Gabren