Dr Aleksandra Gabren Syller

Dentysta stomatolog Warszawa Ursynów ADENTIS / Certyfikaty / Dr Aleksandra Gabren Syller


In search of the beauty and function of the tooth, our Doctor came to Nidzica for the “Dental masters group” performed by Dr. Karol Babiński.
“A tooth should look like a tooth to work like a tooth”
Flat teeth 🤔🤔</ span> good or bad?
If nature wanted our teeth to be flat, we would probably be born with flat teeth.
For us, worn teeth are an abnormality – a symptom of a disease. One of the symptoms of partial-mandibular dysfunction. Only the devil knows how important it is to properly structure your teeth.

When treating the temporomandibular joint, paying attention to details is the path to our doctor’s success. Her success is patients without joint pain and with a beautiful smile. 💪😎



  • “Special session – Treatment planning, Occlusion – Treatment planning and occlusion”
    Dr John Kois
  • “Modern orthodontic treatment techniques class II based on case studies”
    -advanced – Prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “Contemporary orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics session III”
    Prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “Orthotropy for beginners and advanced”
    Michael Mew BDS, D.Orth, M.Sc.(Orth.), Prof. John Mew
  • “Why is knowledge of SSJ disorders necessary when performing orthodontics in children and adults”
    Dr. Terrance J. Spahl
  • “Second molars – the great debate, Why is the second molars extraction technique more beneficial for SSJ than the premolars extraction technique”
    Dr Terrance J. Spahl BS, DDS, IAO Senior Instructor (USA)
  • “Malocclusions – Treatment of high angle malocclusions. The respiratory tract and malocclusions”
    Dr Derek Mahony
  • “Obedient wire – a more than practical course”
    Dr Mariusz Wilk
  • “Clinical cephalometry – seminar and practical course”
    Dr Mariusz Wilk
  • “Treatment of class II defects – practical course”
    Dr. med. Joanna Jabłońska –Zrobek, Dr. Mariusz Wilk
  • “Impact of dysfunction of the stomatognathic system on the postural system of the body”
    dr Piotr Czyrski
  • “Interdisciplinary treatment of adult patients with particular attention to tooth attrition”
    dr Monika Ośko
  • “Planning orthodontic and surgical treatment”
    Dr. med. chir. stom. Konrad Walerzak
  • “Fixed orthodontic appliances – introductory seminar”
    Dr Mariusz Wilk
  • “The C.A.D (Coordinated Arch Development) – Coordinated arch development session II”
    Raphael L. Greenfield D.D.S., M.Sc.D.
  • “From SSJ disorders to planning, conducting and finalizing orthodontic treatment”
    Rick L. Grant DMD, IBO, IAO Master Senior Instructor (USA)
  • “Homeoblock Training Course, How to Achieve Your Natural Mature Potential of the Face and Airway”
    Theodore R. Belfor DDS, IAO Senior Instructor (USA)
  • “Improved cephalometry”
    Drof. Gerard S. Samson
  • “Controlled crowding – modern orthodontic treatment in borderline extraction cases”
    Prof. Gerard S. Samson
  • Key Factors Responsible for Excellent Class II and III Treatment Outcome
    Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles
  • “Functional occlusion: contemporary challenges”
    Dr John C Kois
  • “A practical look at issues related to occlusion and disorders of the masticatory system”
    (part 1) Dr. Jens Christian Katzchner
  • “A practical look at issues related to occlusion and disorders of the masticatory system”
    (part 2) Dr. Jens Christian Katzchner
  • “Comprehensive rehabilitation in advanced cases of tooth wear”
    Prof. Luis Jane
  • “Failures in orthodontic, prosthetic and implantological treatment of patients with masticatory organ dysfunction”
    Md. Anna Duboiska
  • “Function disorders and diseases of the temporomandibular joint”
    Prof. Anika Isberg
  • “How to deal with the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction in the light of the latest scientific reports? ”
    Prof. Jeffrey P. Okeson
  • “Occlusion – Bruxism – Implants: many questions – many answers”
    Prof. Peter Svenson Dr. Błażej Szczerbaniewicz
  • “Controversies surrounding occlusion reconstruction and reconstruction, or how not to die in the Bermuda Triangle, the most common concepts of clinical management: Dawson-Kois-Okeson”
    Dr Błażej Szczerbaniewicz
  • Training meeting “Novelties in practical dentistry” session VI – Functional diagnostics of the patient before prosthetic treatment/orthodontic rehabilitation.
    Dr hab. n. med. Janusz Kleirok
  • The art of occlusion. Crowns and bridges that always fit. How to properly and quickly solve the patient’s missing teeth problems (Dawson’s theory)”
    Dr Przemysław Marcinowski
  • “Diagnostics and treatment of pain patients using advanced technologies”
    Prof. Felice Fiesta
  • “Dysfunctions of the masticatory system”
    Prof. Ph.D. Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska
  • “The power of adhesion – modern possibilities of tooth reconstruction after endodontic treatment. Universal use of glass fibers
    Dr n.med.Katarzyna Brus-Sawczuk
  • “Correct preparation of tooth root canals by manual and machine methods on phantoms using nickel-titanium tool sets”
    Machał Rancewicz, M.D.
  • “Innovative methods of preparation for crowns and bridges”
    Dr med.dent Zbigniew Piankowski, Tech.dent Bartosz Troczyński
  • “How to plan and perform implant reconstruction of crowns, incisors, premolars and molars”
    d.stom.Danuta Borczyk
  • “Various forms of anaphylactic reactions encountered in dentistry. Practical procedures.”
    Dr n.med. Michał Kaszuba
  • “Allergies in dentistry”
    Dr n.med.Michał Kaszuba, Dr n.med.Barbara Warkocka-Szołtysek, M.D. Janusz Michalak
  • “Veneers and all-ceramic inlays”
    Dr med dent. Zbigniew Piankowski Tech.dent. Bartosz Troczyński
  • “Perioprosthetics”
    Dr n. med. Monika Dąbrowska
  • “The use of glass fibers and composite materials in modern dentistry”
    Dentist. Marcin Aluchna, Dr. Włodzimierz Otto
  • “Dental care for patients in developmental age”
    Dr Dorota Gajdzik-Plutecka, Prof.dr hab.Zbigniew Gaciong
  • “Prosthetics and endodontics”
    prof. Dr. hab. Wiesław Hędzelek
  • “Aesthetic tooth reconstruction on a crown-root insert with fiberglass. Composite bridge on fiberglass.”
    lek.med.Maxim Stosek, prof.dr hab. Stanisław Suliborskiobrazek
  • “The art of masking imperfections – a compromise of conservative and prosthetic procedures in aesthetic dentistry”
    dr n.med. Iwona Kuroń-Opalińska
  • “Preparation of composite veneers using the direct method”
    prof.dr hab. Stanisław Suliborski
  • “Individual temporary restorations as an essential stage of prosthetic treatment not only for patients with occlusion reconstruction”
    Dr n.med. Przemysław Grodecki
  • “Standard of modern dentistry”
    Prof.dr hab. Stanisław Suliborski
  • “Planning aesthetic treatment – point of view of various specializations”
    Prof.dr hab. Jerzy Krupiński
  • “Perioprosthetics”
    Prof.dr hab. Tomasz Konopka, M.D. Monika Dąbrowska,
  • “Diagnostics. Periodontology. Aesthetics. Practical solutions for everyday dental practice
    Dr n.med.Maciej Mikołajczyk
  • “Coexistence of matter and light in aesthetic dentistry. A real illusion in the anterior section”
    Grzegorz Czelej, MD
  • “Dentistry of developmental age”
    Prof.dr hab.Renata Górska, Prof.dr hab. Zbigniew Gaciong
  • “Principles of professional patient service”
    Jarosław Wojtkiewicz
  • “Harmony of smile – possibilities of modern dentistry and aesthetic medicine”
    Katarzyna Brus-Sawczuk, MD
  • “Reconstruction of damaged teeth with inlay/onlay fillings”
    Prof. Jerzy Krupiński, Maciej Żarow, M.D.
  • “Occlusion part II diagnosis, planning”
    Dr Przemysław Marcinowski
  • “Patient Radiation Protection Course”
    Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • “Shaping occlusal conditions according to DR philosophy. Kois using a dentofacial analyzer
    Dr Błażej Szczerbaniewicz
  • Prosthetics Aesthetics Endodontics
    Kwintesencja 2012 Prof.dr hab. Stanisław Suliborski
  • “When to treat and when not to treat – that is the question! The latest methods of orthodontic treatment of temporomandibular joint diseases and dysfunctions”
    prof. Annika Isberg
  • “Function disorders and diseases of the temporomandibular joints. advanced training”
    prof. Annika Isberg
  • “3rd Congress of Masters of Dental Technology”
    Hanna Królikowska Denon Dental
  • “Mini implants as reinforcement of anchorage in orthodontics”
    Prof. Hyo-San Park
  • “10 years of experience with the Damon Passive Self-Ligating Bracket System”
    Dr. Dimitris Maveras
  • “Neuromuscular orthodontics – Advanced structural diagnostics and structural treatment of the body and bite”
    IAO Polska
  • “Orthodontic and orthopedic treatment improved from start to finish: an approach supported by scientific researchProf. James A. McNamara”
    Prof. James A. McNamara
  • “Modern orthodontic treatment techniques. Advanced – Cephalometry “
    prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “Contemporary orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics session I”
    prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “The C.A.D (Coordinated Arch Development) – Coordinated arch development session III”
    Raphael L. Greenfield D.D.S., M.Sc.D.
  • “Exeptional Dental 2013. Hormones and inflammation”
    BDS Kaye McArthur, DC Robert Walker
  • “Orthodontic treatment of adult patients: interdisciplinary treatment in pre-prosthetic cases”
    Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta
  • “Bolton discrepancies: diagnostic approach and contemporary treatments”
    Dr Paolo Manzo
  • “H4 improved passive self-ligating system”
    Dr. Daniela Storino, Dr. John Pobanz
  • “Orthodontic preparation and planning of orthognathic surgery”
    Dr Simonas Grybauskas, Dr Dalia Latkauskiene
  • “Contemporary orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics”
    session II and advanced- prof. Berdardo Garcia
  • “Pre-prosthetic orthodontic treatment with mini implants”
    prof. Hyo-Sang Park
  • “H4 improved passive self-ligating system – how to take full advantage of the benefits of passive self-ligating brackets”
    Dr. Daniela Storino, Dr. John Pobanz
  • “Lingual technique from A to Z”
    Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta
  • “7th Congress of the Polish Society of Masticatory Organ Dysfunctions”
  • “Practical solutions in orthodontics”
    Dr Derek Mahony
  • “Multidirectional development of the dental arch Lip bumper – an underrated, brilliant orthodontic device”
    Dominik Piskorski, MD
  • “H4 Improved Passive Self-Ligating Brackets – How to Get the Full Benefits of H4 Passive Self-Ligating Braces”
    Dr. Daniela Storino
  • “Clinical management strategies in orthodontic treatment – advanced”
    prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “Surgeon wish list for orthodontist. Strategies and planning of orthognathic treatment”
    Dr Simonas Grybauskas
  • “Early orthodontic treatment using appliances supporting guided tooth eruption. A rational clinical approach
    Dr Gioacchino Pellegrino
  • “An integrated approach to the treatment of temporomandibular joint”
    Dr Gioacchino Pellegrino
  • “Diagnosis, planning and orthodontic mechanics”
    Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin
  • “Case Completion in Orthodontics”
    Dr Derek Mahony
  • “Occlusion in diagnosis and treatment planning”
    dr Domingo Martin -14th PASE Scientific Conference / 7th Art Oralobrazek Conference
  • “Success of orthodontic-surgical cooperation”
    Dr Alberto Canabez Berthet
  • “16th session of the IAO”
    Dr. Adrian J. Palencar
  • “International Symposium balkanian bone&tissue days”
  • “Therapy for disorders of the mandibular-hyoid-cranial system”
    Med. Janina Słobodzian-Rakowska, Ph.D. Andrzej Rakowski
  • “Diagnosis and protocols in maxillofacial orthodontics – session 4”
    prof. Berdardo Garcia
  • “Practical solutions in orthodontics – part I”
    Dr Derek Mahony 2014
  • “From orthodontics to orthognathic-facial surgery”
    prof. Mirco Raffaini , Dr. Renato Cocconi
  • “The most important aspects of the mechanics of the Damon System. Treatment of class II defects in adult patients”
    Dr. Andrey Tikhonov
  • “Corticotomy”
    Dr Andrea Podesta
  • “Treatment of class II and III defects”
    Dr Guido Samrermans
  • “Proktic solutions in orthodontics – part III”
    Dr Derek Mahony 2016
  • “Moving forward – a progressive approach to diagnosis based on facial aesthetics”
    Dr. Thomas R. Pitts
  • “C.A.D. ( Coordinated Arch Development)- Coordinated arch development session “
    Raphael L. Greenfield D.D.S., M.Sc.D. 2014
  • “Non-surgical treatment protocol for adult patients – class II and class III”
    ADVANCE -prof. Bernardo Garcia
  • “Tasks and challenges in dentistry and medicine”
    part I- Exceptional Dental 2014- IAO
  • “Orthodontic treatment of children and adults using a straight arch appliance”
    session V – Dr. Larry Brown DDS
  • “Effective finishing in orthodontics: clinical tips and tricks”
    Dr. Vittorio Cacciafiesta
  • “1st International Orthodontic Symposium 2017 Kiev”
  • “BSCOSO Spring Course / TMJ: Physical Therapy, Orthodontics, Surgery (18 European CME credits (ECMEC) Vilnius, Lithuania 2017”
    Prof. Mariano Rocabado, Prof. Florencio Monje, Dr. Ioan Barbur, Evija Griskevica
  • “Orthodontic Treatment Based on Occlusion Plane Control: A Key for Successful Treatment of Different Types of Malocclusion With or Without Dysfunctional Problems”
    Prof. Sadao Sato
  • “Back to the essence: orthodontics and bite function”
    Dr. Daniela Storino
  • “Orthodontics today. The path to people’s health
    conference December 15, 2017
  • “Craniodontics-A.L.F.”
    dr Beata Hołówko
  • “Professional Service Model at the Reception”
    Dentway Institute
  • “Functional appliances: when and how to use them”
    Prof. Andrea Deregibus
  • “Orthodontics and periodontium.-ACE Academy of continuous education of orthodontists”
  • “Международная конференция молодых ортодонтов” Open your imagination about TMD/TMJ – диплом учи теля –International conference of young orthodontists – lecturer’s diploma
  • “Comprehensive training of SSJ dysfunctions in the Orthodontist’s office”                                                                                 Dr. Randall Moles
  • “Treatment of orthognathic cases: from diagnosis to surgery”                                                                                         Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles
  • “When and how to treat class II defects”                                                                                                                                                                           Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles
  • “ Class III treatment. Asymmetric mechanics. Interdisciplinary treatment of severe defects in adult patients”                             Dr. Chris Chang
  • „ 21st PTO Congress and 3rd Congress of the Polish Society of Orthodontic Technology
  • “Benefit System – modern possibilities of skeletal anchorage in orthodontic and orthopedic treatment”                                 Dr Irene Kapogianni
  • “ Functional treatment with trainers” by Dr. Veronique Barthet-Favart
  • “ Skeletal Anchorage with Temporary Mini Orthodontic Implants (TADS): From Research to Clinical Practice”         Dr. Giorgio Iodice
  • “ Aesthetics and Biomechanics in Orthodontics. Science + Biology + Experiments” Prof. Ravindra Nanda
  • “Functional appliances: when and how to use them” Dr. Prof. Deregibus
  • ,,Orthodontics in 3 D and the H4 system,,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       by Dr. Daniela Storino
  • ,, orthodontic treatment using mini implants, Dr. Daniela Storino
  • ,,Innovative concepts of modern anchorage,,                                                                                                                  Dr Bjórn Ludwig
  • ,,Segmental technique in effective orthodontic treatment,,                                                                                                                           Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles
  • ,,V Simpisio Internacional de Ortodoncia de la Universidad de Salamanca,,                                                                             by Dr. Alberto Albaladejo
  • Benefit System – contemporary possibilities of skeletal anchorage in orthodontic and orthopedic treatment”   practical course   Dr. Irene Kapogianni
  • ,, Preparation and use of fibrin of the Platelet Bognitician ,, Dr. Ewa Ignaczak
  • ,,Soft tissue management,                                                                                                                 Soft Tissue Institute Dr. Michał Szutkowski
  • ,,Physiotherapy in dentistry, disorders of the orofacial complex in terms of holistic therapy of the speech therapy-orthodontic-physiotherapeutic complex,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         by Ewelina Mendala-Kwoczek, M.A., Jolanta Wikaryjczyk, M.A.
  • ,, 11th World Implant Orthodontic Conference & 10th AREO International Congress Improving Orthodontic Treatment – An Interdisciplinary Approach” Prof. Dr. Junji Sugawara, Prof. Dr. Irina ZETU
  • ,, Non-Surgical Jaw Expansion Using the Maxillary Bone Expander (MSE) Prof. Won Moon
  • ,, EOS 2019 Congress –  European Orthodontic Society Congress” Nice, France  provide 20 Continuing Professional Development points
  • ,, Orthodontics in 3D and the H4 System” by Dr. Daniel Storino
  • “Composite aesthetic rehabilitation” doctor. dentist Dawid Piusk
  • “Direct reconstructions in the posterior section” by dr Karol Babiński
  • ”Holistic approach to the treatment of malocclusion. Or how to help yourself and your patients to make treatment easier, faster and more stable” Katarzyna Becker, M.D., Małgorzata Kuc-Michalska, M.D.